Materials: Light card (From a cereal box), two small coins or washers and a cocktail stick or match stick or pin. Glue or tape and colouring pens or paint.
Instructions: Draw the shape of a butterfly on a piece of card. At this stage you need to make sure that the wing tips at the nose end are big enough to mount the coins on and that coins position will be well below the nose. This is what lowers the centre of gravity and enables the butterfly to balance. Also make sure the picture is symmetrical so that it has equal balance. Once your shape is drawn place the card on top of another piece and cut out the shape so that you have two identical butterfly shapes. Glue or tape the coins in place. Glue or tape the cocktail stick on so that the point is just protruding from the nose of the butterfly. Glue the other butterfly shaped card on top to hide the balancing coins and cocktail stick. Colour and decorate you butterfly. The butterfly will balance on top of any pointy object and will even twirl in a breeze or spin if placed above a heat source such as a radiator or TV / monitor.
Hints: Try to think of some other things that will balance. What about a clown! Also click here for instructions on our 'Balancing forks'
DID YOU KNOW: A female butterfly lays eggs which hatch into a larva known as a 'Caterpillar' (Click here to make a Caterpillar). After eating grandads lettuces the caterpillar will form itself into a chrysalis and then turn into a butterfly. This process is known as 'Metamorphosis'.
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