Wood approximately 2" by 2" or 50mm by 50mm, screws



Get Daddy a cup of tea then tell him to bring the keys to his tool shed. Measure from your feet to your armpits and cut 2 pieces of strong planed wood to this length. Find or cut 2 further blocks of wood for the foot rests. Screw or nail the blocks to the legs. Screws are stronger and there is less chance of the wood splitting if you drill holes as shown. You can also add some glue to the block for extra strength. Rub the completed stilts over with sand paper to round the sharp corners off and to remove any splinter hazards.

Hints: The trick to walking with stilts is to hold them tight to your thighs and pull up hard on the stilt when you lift your leg. They should remain firm against the soles of your feet at all times.
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