Twisted Looped Trail
Materials: A battery operated door bell, a stiff wire coat hanger, a piece of wood and some insulation tape.
Instructions: YOUR BUZZER: First find a battery operated buzzer or door bell (These items can often be found in cheap household stores). Do NOT use a mains voltage operated device as you will stand the risk of death through electrocution. A door bell is perfect, as all the wiring is already done and the voltages are normally low and safe. Ensure you choose a device that uses less than 24 Volts. The coat hanger loop and twisted trail simply make a switch that replace the push button switch of the door bell. You should have two wires when you remove the door button. When you touch them together the buzzer should sound! This is a good test before you start.
THE TWISTED LOOPED TRAIL: Take a block of wood and drill two deep holes that are the exact diameter of your coat hanger.
Bend your coat hanger into an interesting shape with loops and twists. Insert each end into the hole so that it is firmly held held in place.
Twist one of the switch wires around one side of the trail. Place plenty of insulating tape on it. This doubles up as a resting place for the loop so ensure that no bare metal is visible other wise your buzzer will keep sounding when not in use! Add the tape to the other side to make another 'Safe' area for the loop to rest.
THE LOOPY LOOPED HANDLE: Using the stiff metal from a coat hanger, form a loop on one side. Attach the other switch wire to the other end by tightly twisting it around and holding in place with insulating tape. Form a handle. At this point it is worth noting that the larger the hoop and shorter the handle length the easier the game will be! Place the hoop over the twisted trail and close up the gap so it cannot be removed. If the metal of the hoop touches the non insulated metal of the trail the buzzer should sound!
Game Play: The object of the game is to carefully move the handled hoop over the twisted hanger from one end to the other without the buzzer sounding. It takes great skill and a steady hand! Use the green 'Jello' buttons to pause and play the animation!
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