Old sock, dried peas or rice, a piece of drain pipe, a roll of news paper or small piece of garden hose pipe.


Make a rat by filling a sock with dried peas or rice. Tie off the open end of the sock with string. Leave a length of string to act as the tail. Cut off any excess sock material. Decorate the sock to make it look like a rat by colouring the eyes, drawing a mouth and ears. Sew on wool to make whiskers.
Make a 'Splatter' by rolling up a news paper and fastening with sticky tape or cutting a small piece (30 cm) of garden hose pipe.
Find a piece of drain pipe approximately 2 metres long.

How to Play: This game requires 2 people. The object of the game is to try and splat the rat just as it comes out of the bottom of the pipe. The 'Splatter' should stand poised ready to strike the rat. The other person is to release the rat from the top of the pipe. It takes great judgment and skill to catch the rat! You can speed up the rat by increasing the angle of the pipe, but you need be sure the rat can escape freely at the bottom.

This is a great game to make for fund raising events, where you can charge to "Have a go" and offer a small prize to those who splat the rat.
You can also make a smaller 'Splat the mouse' version using a couple of kitchen roll tubes.

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