Strong cardboard or a large button, string, cotton or wool.



Cut a piece of cardboard into a circle. Draw a line through the centre of the circle and punch 2 holes either side of the centre at equal distances. Alternatively a large button makes an excellent disk and already has the holes. Measure from your finger tips to your shoulder with your arm fully stretched and cut a piece of string twice this length. Feed the string through both holes and tie together. Put your hands through the loops at either side of the disk. Start by twisting the disk a few times then tighten and loosen the string as the disk spins. It can whiz around at great speed once you get the technique.


A good spinning disk will be quite large and heavy so get some thick cardboard. A heavy disk will gain more momentum as it spins, so once it gets going will be difficult to stop! You can also use a large button! Try putting holes close to the outside of the disk, you might get it to whistle as it whirs!

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