Cardboard, wool.


Cut two pieces of cardboard into circles then cut a circle out the middle like a doughnut. Place the two bits of card together and wrap wool round and round and round until the rings are full up. Snip the wool all the way around the outside edge, between the middle of the two pieces of card. Double up a separate piece of wool or string and looping it between the centre of the pieces of card pull it very tight around all the pieces of wool, effectively holding them all very tight between the two bits of cardboard. Leave the tightening string long enough for you to use it to attach or hang the completed Pom Pom ball. Finally slide off the two bits of cardboard and ruffle the wool into a nice ball shape. Trim any stragglers with the scissors.

Hints: Use different pieces of coloured wool to form a multi coloured ball. Also used as the "Bobble" in "Bobble" hats. Great for indoor ball games!
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