An elastic band, piece of card and a split pin.

Instructions: Cut out the card to the shape shown. You can use the dimensions as a guide or make your own design. Fold the card in half along the dotted line. Cut out the trigger shape from the left over card. Punch the holes in the card where shown. Slip the trigger into the centre of the folded card and insert the split pin to hold it in place. Remember to position the trigger so that it pushes the band up over the lip of the notch. Paint the pistol. Stretch the elastic band along the barrel to the notch. Pull the trigger. BANG!


Never ever fire elastic bands at other people or animals. It really really hurts losing an eye! Use a inanimate target like the TV or Grandma. (Only joking Grandma)

You should adjust the length of you barrel to fit your fully stretched length of elastic band.

Cut another slit 5cm's in length along the fold at the top of the barrel from the retaining notch back. This will allow you to slip football cards into the top of the gun which may be fired great distances!

Use the Green Jello buttons to pause the animation at the dimensions.

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