Materials: Paper and a sturdy thin tube (Sometimes found with tin foil)
Instructions: Cut a rectangle strip from paper about 3 long by 1 wide. Roll the strip into a thin cone shape. Make sure the cone has a very sharp point. Put the sharp end of the cone in your mouth, twirl around and chew a little bit to make it soggy and to ensure the end is sealed so that no air may pass through. Feed the cone into your tube and tear or cut off any excess so that it is flush with the end. Hold to your mouth and blow sharply. The cone arrow will fly very far and fast. Do NOT ever aim at people or animals as it could damage their eyes.
Hints: The best way to operate this device, as with a pea shooter, is to first seal the tube with your tongue. Then take a deep breath and pressurise your cheeks. When you are ready to fire remove your tongue.
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