How To Juggle

If you want to make Juggling balls see our 'Bean bag' instruction and make either pyramid or cubic bags.



Start with one ball in each hand and practice the 2 step throw and catch with each hand. It is important that you learn to throw an nice even arc with each hand, paying particular attention to making the ball land straight into your other hand. Notice on the animation how you should throw under arm through the centre. This is the easiest method to learn with.
Once your throwing is up to scratch move on to 3 balls. Start with 2 balls in your right hand and one ball in your left. Throw your first ball and just before it reaches its peak throw the other ball. Immediately return your hand to the outer position to catch the falling ball. Repeat on the other side and you're off.

Hints: Look straight ahead, keeping your hands and the balls in your peripheral vision. Practice your throwing especially with your weak hand. It's all about throwing accurately not catching!
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