Empty cereal box or cardboard, pencil, Plasticine or bluetack.



Rip open the cereal box and cut a large circle out of one of the sides using a compass or sauce pan lid. Lightly draw 2 - 3 further circles inside. They should be about 3 cm apart and are only an aid. Draw in the best spiral you can do using the circles as guides, leave a nice big (6 cm) circle in the centre. Using the scissors cut along your spiral line remembering to leave the centre intact.

Using the plasticine, secure a sharp pencil in a upright position just above a heat source such as the back of a TV, or the back of a fridge, or the top of a radiator, or a mantel piece. You can even place it on top of black card in the window sill. Balance the centre of the spiral on the tip of the pencil. Do NOT poke a hole in the spiral you can dent it slightly but do not puncture it. If you do, a piece of sticky tape will repair it. Let the spiral hang down. If it hangs lower than the pencil cut it off at the correct height.

The spiral will whiz around for hours on end, all by itself! How does it work?


It only takes a little bit of heat to work. Paint the spiral different colours for some amazing effects! Try suspending it on string from the ceiling.

Hot air is less dense (Heavy) than cold air therefore always rises. This process is called 'Convection'.

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