Straight stick or bamboo (Arm length), thin card, plasticine, piece of string.

Instructions:   Using a penknife or hacksaw cut 2 slits in the top of the stick, effectively slicing the wood into 4 sections (Like the flights end of a dart). Cut 2 pieces of card into flight shapes and cut a slit half way through the middle. Push the two flights together and slide them into the slits at the end of the wood. You have basically made a large wooden dart. Put some tape or string around the end of the wood to prevent the flights falling out. Whittle or saw a groove around the wood just below the flight. Put some Plasticine on the front of the dart to weight it. Tie a single granny knot in one end of the string and wrap the other around your hand. Tie the string to the back of the arrow as shown. Keeping the string tight hold the front of the arrow. Throw the dart like a Javelin. The technique takes some mastering but once you've got it, the dart will go very far because of the slinging effect of the string. Be very careful only to throw it into a clear safe area. Always cut away from you when using a knife.
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