A Shoe box, glue, wall paper, a bit of old carpet, scissors, paint.



Take a shoe box and cut out holes for the windows. Cut out three sides for a door (The fourth side remains as the hinge). Decorate the outside of the house with paint (Make a brick bungalow or log cabin). Glue some wallpaper to the inside of the box to decorate the walls. If you have a bit of carpet cut it to the right size and insert in the floor of the box. Finally stick on a chimney and find some small people live there. 'Playmobil' figures are the perfect size.

Hints: Tape bits of material to inside to make curtains, clear plastic for the windows. Make cardboard furniture. Draw in the fireplace place and picture frames. Glue twigs to the outside to make the log cabin. Form a triangle shaped roof from a folded bit of card glued to the lid. Glue more card to the side to make a garage etc.
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