A 'Pringle' tube, two 'Pringle' tube lids, an elastic band and a large nut (A nut and bolt type of nut).


Punch two holes in the centre of the bottom of a 'Pringle' tube. They should be about 1cm apart. Punch a further 2 holes in one of the lids. Cut an elastic band and thread it through both holes of the lid. If your elastic band isn't long enough tie a couple together. Thread one end of the band through the nut. Thread each of the ends of the band through the holes in the bottom of the 'Pringle' tube. Keeping hold of the free band ends put the lid on the box with the nut and band inside the tube. With the tube led on the floor, pull the elastic band tight enough to lift the nut off the bottom of the tube. Tie the two ends of the band together. Put the spare lid on the bottom of the 'Pringle' tube to hide the knot and make an even roller. Roll the tube along the ground and it will roll back to you!

It doesn't have to be a 'Pringle' box use any roll and make your own end caps, you can even use a plastic bottle. Use a large heavy nut and ensure the band is tight enough so that the nut doesn't hit the insides of the tube. If the nut keeps flipping over it is too light, or the band is too tight. You can use the green 'Jello' buttons to pause and play the animation!

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