Leather lace or string or shoe lace or thin lengths of material, cotton thread. Basically you can use pretty much anything.



Take a piece of lace, wrap it around your wrist 3 times and cut to length. Cut two other pieces the same length. Leaving a 4cm tail, tightly wrap the cotton around all the pieces to tie them together. Several wraps are necessary for strength. Tie off the cotton.

Braiding or Plaiting is very easy. Hold the 3 pieces in your hand so you can always identify the left, centre and right hand side. Simply take the outer string and pass it over the centre one so that it is now in the middle. Next take the other outer side and pass that over the (new) centre string so that it now becomes the middle one. Then swap back to the other side and pass that to the middle. And so on ... That's all it is, just keep putting alternate outside ones to the middle.

Once you have braided enough to go around your wrist, secure the other end by wrapping the cotton around and tie off.

Leave one tail on each side long enough to secure the wristlet around your wrist. Cut the spare tails off shorter. You may tie knots or add beads to the loose tails or just leave them as they are.

Hints: Get an adult to put a dab of glue to the cotton wraps to ensure they don't come loose. Use different colour strings! Add beads to the braiding! Also make Anklets the same way!
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